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Home security alarm systems can be separated into two general categories: wired and wireless home security alarm systems. Wireless alarm systems are more easily installed and can be added to or moved to a new location with ease.  

Hardwired home security alarm systems, on the other hand, have a lower equipment cost, but are more time consuming to install and require the ability to hide.  
The typical home security alarm systems kits includes following components:

- Alarm control panel: keypad control to turn the system on and off  
- Alarm Sensors
- Detectors
- Connectors and cables



  • Expandability
  • Management reporting
  • Up to 37 user codes to keep track of staff entrys/exits
  • Worldwide telephone control
  • Automation and intercom options
  • Partitionable into 2 independent alarms eg: separating the office and the warehouse
  • Hardwired and wireless options
  • Remote telephone access from any touchtone phone to check your alarm status

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